Beez McKeever

Sure most people are probably asleep at 6:40am. Some are even getting up or already up. Me, I’m laying in bed trying to sleep but instead getting an idea for a very silly song about having a crush on the Prop/Costume Diva for #MST3K and singing it into a voice memo in bits and pieces so I’ll remember it the next day. Quite probably the most niche song I’ve ever written. And that’s saying something.

I also decided to record a full studio version and video for that version in all it’s power pop glory!

Once upon a time, way back in the day
I used to watch a lot of MST3K
I never saw a lot of the earlier shows
So I decided to go back and give ’em a go

I was watching some videos, “Behind The Scenes”
And was reminded of a queen upon my screen
A feeling so familiar despite the years
That I wrote it in a song for the world to hear

I’ve still got a crush on Beez McKeever
The magical prop and costume diva
And if I ever met her then I’d never wanna leave her
‘Cause I’ve still got a crush on Beez McKeever

I hope this was amusing
And I swear I’m not a creeper

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