Funky Fusion

Do you like funky songs? Do you like Science? Do you like the sun? Then, my friend, you are in for a trifecta of of goodness today with this funky science song about the sun. Something a little different today! I recorded each part live as I played it and shot it.

Carpe diem, people. We only have about a billion years until the earth is uninhabitable because of the sun expanding. Don’t let that depress you though. Humanity will probably long since have perished before that!

Giant burning ball of gas in the sky
Nuclear fusion
That is why
In 5 billion years it’s gonna die
But first it expands
Then we fry
It’s the only sun we’ve got
Get down
Let’s dance
Technically we won’t fry, we will bake, but we still don’t stand a chance

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