Kaylee Dog Is A Poop Diva

Kayleee dog is a poop diva.
She is so particular about where she goes.
Kaylee dog is a poop diva.
She’s gotta sniff everything with her nose.
Kaylee dog is a poop diva.
We gotta walk for miles, she gets so distracted.
Kaylee dog is a poop diva.
You’ve got it way better than your ancestral pack did.

Kaylee dog why don’t you go to the bathroom?
Enough is enough, I wanna go back inside.
Kaylee dog there is no more perfect spot than the thousand other spots that you’ve already tried.
Kaylee dog, yeah I know you’ve gotta go now.
You haven’t pooped for days and that ain’t right.
Kaylee dog, if you would do your doggie business,
Then we could go inside and go to bed for the night.

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