How are you fuckers always getting in?You little fuckers always getting in!Where are you fuckers always getting in?I don’t like it.So please stop.

Sonny Day

No disrespect to bitches and hoesEverybody loves the bitches and hoesI sure love the bitches and hoes‘Cause I’m hardcore! I’m hardcore!

Ravioli Shoes

John Mayer made a TikTok of a short song called “Ravioli Shoes” and I liked it so much that I wrote a verse and added bass, drums, and a harmony. Lost my jobHaven’t eaten in 3 daysBut then… Read More

Beez McKeever

Sure most people are probably asleep at 6:40am. Some are even getting up or already up. Me, I’m laying in bed trying to sleep but instead getting an idea for a very silly song about having a crush… Read More

Brown Sugar (Cookies)

A useful re-write of a great, but lyrically problematic Rolling Stones song. 2 cups flour, quarter teaspoon of saltHalf teaspoon of cinnamon or 1 if you wantBaking soda, need a teaspoon of thatOne and a half teaspoons of… Read More

Quarantine Love Song

Girl, I see you across the roomAnd your eyes are so captivatingIs this love or maybe a virusI don’t know but my heart’s palpitatingI feel warm and it’s getting harder to breatheBut that’s just because I gotta tell… Read More

Wash Them Hands

I saw a post about how you should wash your hands for 20 seconds and it listed various songs or choruses of songs that were about 20 seconds long that you could sing to help you know if… Read More

Hot Girl With A Cool Dog

I was walking down the streetJust a-shuffling my feetWhen what do I see on the cornerA vision oh so sweetWith a total of six feetAnd a bark that might be trying to warn herWell it’s 95 degreesI’ve got… Read More

I Won’t Let The Internet Make Me Hate Humanity

It’s been a while since I recorded something for, and this little ditty came to me on my walk. Channel the negative into something creative! Creative Lemonade! …Oooh, maybe that’s my next song. And in case it… Read More

What’s In The Box?

More silly Xmas themed songs from an online advent calendar I made for a friend this year.