Texas Winter Rap

Another video I made for an online advent calendar this year.

Errybody likes to rap at christmas time
For most people it’s presents, for me it’s dope rhymes
Snuggle by the fire and decorate the tree
But I live in Texas so I gotta run the AC

I like it cold! Don’t wanna hear your haters attack it
But not too cold, just cold enough that I need a cool jacket
While other places get a real winter of sorts
I’m walking around sweating in a t-shirt and shorts

I hear this girl say “I like it!” and I can’t believe her
People feeling crappy laid up with ceder fever
You haters have it hot 8 months of the year
Let the rest of us get a little winter up in here

Winter ain’t no time of year
For things to be getting hot in herre
I don’t want it so cold my face gets numb
But when I’m sweating in the winter, I think that is dumb

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