Funky Fusion

Do you like funky songs? Do you like Science? Do you like the sun? Then, my friend, you are in for a trifecta of of goodness today with this funky science song about the sun. Something a little… Read More

Ukulele Lament

NO SPOILERS CONTAINED IN THIS VIDEO. A special guest stops by with a ukulele lament.

Dramatic Birthday

Happy birthday (tomorrow) to the best partner and all around awesome lady, Elly!


My jazzy ode to the H2O.

Teeny Tiny Pies

Who doesn’t love pies? And teeny tiny things?

Sick and Tired

Inspired by a true story. In fact, inspired by right now.

Bathtub Secreto

Room Temperature Margaritas

The first singalong anthem! This project is new proving more difficult than I anticipated for many reasons. The idea was to just to record the short silly things my brain seems to come up with all the time… Read More

The titular theme song! Heh heh. Titular. I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping this theme for the website appearance but it’ll do for now!