Breakfast All Day

From my 80s glam metal days in Band-dana. I was eventually kicked out for not wearing enough bandanas. Breakfast all day, Breakfast all night, There is no time breakfast isn’t alright. If you restrict breakfast to certain hours,… Read More

4 Creepy Notes

4 creepy notes. Here’s a chord that sounds ominous and sad, followed by 4 creepy notes. Here’s a chord that sounds hopeful and glad, ruined by 4 creepy notes. Each note on their own is perfectly fine, But… Read More

Mr. Silhouette

I know my theme song said “All of them are gonna be pretty silly,” but I’m not sure if this one really qualifies! I may have accidentally been not all that silly. Oops. I am just a silhouette… Read More

Minty Dental Floss

Minty minty dental floss keeping my teeth clean. It’s an important part of your dental hygiene. If you’re like me then you don’t want to do it, But if you want to keep your teeth, get down to… Read More