Song Without A Chorus

I’m gonna write a song without a chorus. Some might call it an unconventional song. I know I run the risk that it might bore us. Because without a chorus it’s hard to sing along. Now this is… Read More

We’re All Prince

Prince may gone from this corporeal plane but he would want us to remember that we are all Prince. In fact, this past video was very much Prince inspired. If you like purple or paisley then you’re Prince… Read More

Sock Hophthalmologist

You should get yourself to the ophthalmologist. You should really go and get your eyeball lookied at. If you go to the sock hop you won’t get kissed With your eye looking infected like that. You want to… Read More


Snuggletown, Snuggletown, Everybody get your friends and come on down. Snuggletown, Snuggletown, If you don’t want to go we will kill you. Everybody wants to go to Snuggletown, So if you don’t then you must be a pod… Read More

Room Temperature

Hmm, this could have relevance to “Room Temperature Margaritas.” Room temperature. Kind of depends on the room. Room temperature. It could be freezing or as hot as Mt. Doom. So if you’re gonna talk temperature, Talk in degrees,… Read More