Aurora’s Sleeping

A few years ago, I was over at the house of two of my best friends and favorite people in the world, Brian and Akasha. I grabbed a guitar that was sitting around the house and just started… Read More

Green Veggie Juice

6 pounds of veggies in a 16 ounce bottle. So good for you but it tastes god awful. Get your gut clean with a 4 day cleanse, At the same time pay for all your sins. Tastes like… Read More

The Legend of Beardy McScrufferson

It’s the legend of Beardy McScrufferson Beardy McScrufferson had him a beard that grew right up out of his face. There was nothing remarkable about said beard, it grew at an average pace. The follicle count was nothing… Read More

Happy Fun Town

This week’s silly song is doing double duty! I wrote it to be the theme song for “Happy Fun Town,” an improv show at The Institution Theater! Opening tonight! Go hear the fully recorded version at the show!… Read More