Reggie Watts

I’m no Reggie Watts, yeah I’m no Reggie Watts I’m going to sing a song in the style of Reggie Watts Though I know I can’t fool your ears, ’cause you know damn well I’m not This is… Read More

Texas Summer

Let’s just all agree to pretend not to notice how similar this song is to one I recorded just a few weeks ago. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Texas summer is hotter than hell Even… Read More

Pokémon Go!

Pokémon Go! It’s everywhere you look and it’s everybody you know Pokémon Go! But if you don’t like it please make sure and tell the whole world so Pokémon Go! Because if you don’t like something there is… Read More

Peter Is A Keyboard Wizard

Happy birthday to Peter Huysman! One of the few people who watch these videos! Peter is a keyboard wizard! On the 10th day of July Was born a magical guy Music in his fingertips That sounded like alien… Read More

Delayed Gratification

Lifting heavy things has got me so sore Pick ’em up, put em down, then you do it some more Repeat til you deplete your glycogen stores And your muscles will get bigger and stronger Lats, delts, quads,… Read More