What’s In The Box?

More silly Xmas themed songs from an online advent calendar I made for a friend this year.

Christmas Beach Party

Robot Christmas

Robot Christmas Robot Christmas is just like Christmas But with a lot more robots We like trees and lights and presents But we make chainmail stockings Robots like hot cocoa And sitting by the fire And things flavored… Read More

Big Non-Drumming Girl

If you’re playing the Little Drummer Boy game, here is a TOTALLY ORIGINAL song that’s LDR safe. Seriously, I would never be THAT jerk who likes to ruin people’s fun. Go they told her Badum badum bum You… Read More

Texas Winter Rap

Another video I made for an online advent calendar this year. Errybody likes to rap at christmas time For most people it’s presents, for me it’s dope rhymes Snuggle by the fire and decorate the tree But I… Read More

Pumpkin Pod People

Recorded for an online advent calendar I’m doing for someone this holiday season. Seemed like it should find a permanent home here. It’s that time of year again For the naughty and the nice No one, family or… Read More