Always Wear Your Hat Down In Mexico

A little ditty whose title came to me just before we went to Cancun.

Always wear you hat down in Mexico.
Protect yourself from that bright sun glow
Then you will never know
How much it hurts you so
To be sunburned.

The biggest organ in the body is the skin.
You should take good care of it and then
You will be happy when
Your healthy melanin
Is not cancer

No one wants to end up looking like a piece of leather.
So wear your sun protection even if it’s lovely weather.
Tanning doesn’t make you more attractive,
Especially if you’re dead.
Or Burnt and lobster red.

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Socks and Shoes

The great mysteries of life.

Do you sock, shoe, sock, shoe
Or sock, sock, shoe, shoe?
Do you start on the right or on the left?
What do you do?
The only one that feels right to me is #2.
Also, the toilet paper goes over the top.
Look at the patent.

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No Snow Cones Til Noon

Everyone loves a good Snow Cone. Or a good song about Snow Cones.

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I originally wrote this when I was starring as Angel in a live theatre recreation of the Angel episode “Smile Time.” We had thought about having fake commercials in the show but in the end, decided not to so I ended up using it in a short film I directed called “Living With Joban.” Short and silly, it felt apropos to give it a home here. Get the original fully produced mp3 here!

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I’m So Miserable

This is one I actually wrote and recorded a long time ago for a friend’s film but I realized that this seemed like the perfect home for it now! Short and silly! Here’s the original mp3 if you want it!

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It’s Really Really Gross Outside

I think this song is pretty self explanatory as to its origin story on a bleak day a week or two ago.

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Noble Groundhog

I had to do 5 billion takes of this before I had one that I could live with for some reason (and I’m not crazy about this one either but I’m done). Probably because I don’t play mandolin much. Oy. So I hope you enjoy it as I am now so sick of it.

There is a prophet, so I’m told
Who lives within a deep dark hole
Nobles and peons from all around
Wait for him to emerge from the ground
Noble Groundhog, divinating seer
Tell us whether winter lingers or if spring is near
Noble groundhog, shadows tell our fate
If winter’s icy grasp remains, spring will have to wait!

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Funky Fusion

Do you like funky songs? Do you like Science? Do you like the sun? Then, my friend, you are in for a trifecta of of goodness today with this funky science song about the sun. Something a little different today! I recorded each part live as I played it and shot it.

Carpe diem, people. We only have about a billion years until the earth is uninhabitable because of the sun expanding. Don’t let that depress you though. Humanity will probably long since have perished before that!

Giant burning ball of gas in the sky
Nuclear fusion
That is why
In 5 billion years it’s gonna die
But first it expands
Then we fry
It’s the only sun we’ve got
Get down
Let’s dance
Technically we won’t fry, we will bake, but we still don’t stand a chance

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Ukulele Lament


A special guest stops by with a ukulele lament.

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Dramatic Birthday

Happy birthday (tomorrow) to the best partner and all around awesome lady, Elly!

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