My jazzy ode to the H2O.

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Teeny Tiny Pies

Who doesn’t love pies? And teeny tiny things?

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Sick and Tired

Inspired by a true story. In fact, inspired by right now.

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Bathtub Secreto

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Room Temperature Margaritas

The first singalong anthem! This project is new proving more difficult than I anticipated for many reasons. The idea was to just to record the short silly things my brain seems to come up with all the time in my daily routine without putting too much thought into. Just quick, dirty, raw recordings of silliness. That is difficult for the perfectionist in me who keeps wanting to do “one more take” to polish it up a bit.

Not to mention how I had to do a billion takes of my last video since it was the first and I had to figure out the best technical setup to at least adequately capture the sound. For example, here’s an incomplete list of reasons I had to do another take of my last video:
Camera was crooked, framing cut off the top of my head, forgot to turn the mic on, forgot to start audio recording, guitar was too loud and you couldn’t hear vocals (and since this is all captured with one mic, that just meant trying to play softer and sing louder), there was a distracting piece of paper on the floor, there was various distracting clutter on the frame edges, etc.

Now that I’ve mostly got the workflow down, this one was a bit easier. I still wanted to do it again to “fix” a few things but I resisted as it’s against the spirit of this project!

I think I need a margarita. A COLD one.

I felt this deserved a full recording so here it is!



The titular theme song!

Heh heh. Titular.

I’m not sure if I’ll be keeping this theme for the website appearance but it’ll do for now!

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