We’re All Prince

Prince may gone from this corporeal plane but he would want us to remember that we are all Prince. In fact, this past video was very much Prince inspired.

If you like purple or paisley then you’re Prince
If other people call you crazy, then you’re Prince.
If your name was ever a symbol, then you’re Prince.
If you drink champagne from a thimble, then you’re Prince.
If you like to wear a thin mustache, eye liner and a silk sash,
If you like to do things your own way, and you don’t care what other people say,
If you want to be sexy with confidence, just look inside to your inner Prince.
He would tell us everything is gonna be just fine.
If we party like it’s 1999
If you like life a little bit funky, then you’re Prince.
I even met a Tibetan monk, he was also Prince.
So don’t be morose or somber about Prince.
You don’t have to be unbelievably legendary like he, you see.
He lives on in every one of you and me.
We’re all Prince.

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