The Ballad Of Sam Elliott’s Mustache

My first silly song from the road! We are vacationing in Mexico so all I had access to was Garage Band on my iPad, so I whipped this up. I really wanted to film it using a Snapchat… Read More

Hair Coup

What the hell is up with my hair? We had a good thing going up there. A symbiotic détente, but now you do what you want. I don’t want to have to cut you but I will. Maybe… Read More


Shenanigans are the currency of fun. I’m the type who likes to take the money and run. Scheming, machinations, shenanigans and chicanery. Put them all together in a casserole, you get Schemachinaniganery! Shenanigangsters! That’s what they call us… Read More

I Am A Sexy Robot

I am a sexy robot. Advanced technology. Model 69, top of the line. There’s none as fine as me. My software Kama Sutra and hardware accessories Will give you pleasure at your leisure Any time you please. And… Read More